How promotional merchandise can enhance your company’s brand identity

Posted October 2015 in Information, Marketing & Branding

In a recent interview with Biz Community, wealth coach and author JT Foxx explained the importance of branding, noting that it lends credibility to businesses' marketing efforts, and thus helps them to develop into more powerful and successful enterprises. However, establishing a strong brand identity can be quite difficult, particularly for new businesses. It can be hard to know where to even begin with such a mammoth task. Here, we look at how promotional products can help you tackle this challenge.

Businesses have been using promo gifts to build their brands and increase exposure for several decades now, and with good reason; research shows that something as simple as a printed pen or mug can go a long way towards helping to establish a strong brand identity. Brand-Watch recently published data regarding a series of surveys conducted by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) in 2012, which aimed to determine if the use of promotional products in advertising strategies was effective in boosting sales and enhancing brand awareness.

The results were intriguing; two-thirds of the survey participants were able to recall the name of the brand from which they had received a promotional gift in the last year. Of these, 79% agreed that they would do business with that brand again in the future, whilst more than half said that their opinion of the company was enhanced after they were given the printed merchandise. The vast majority of these participants (87%) said that they had kept the item in question for over 12 months.

This information should come as no surprise to those who are already familiar with the branding power of promotional products. A brand identity is created by embedding a business' values, logo and name into the minds of potential customers; as such, it makes sense that items like a printed pen, bag or mug, which will be seen and used by the recipient and their peers on a daily basis, will help to achieve this. Such goods are often overlooked by those with new businesses, as they assume that something as simple as a mug couldn't possibly help them to establish their brand. But the fact is that practical, everyday items like this are often the most effective in enhancing a company's identity, as these items will offer an enormous amount of exposure, over a long period of time.